NOW: November 2015

-Still living in Austin TX.  Just moved to a new house.  We’re getting solar panels!

-Still married, still have two kids and two dogs.

-I say “no” a lot now.  I used to say “yes.”

-I work out, five days a week:  weights, running, basketball.  I love being strong.

-I have scaled way back on music.  I sing, better and better all the time, every Sunday at St. David’s Episcopal Church in the 9:10 a.m. Bethell Hall Family Service.  Looking forward to our Christmas Eve services.

-I am not rehearsing with a band, booking gigs, schlepping equipment, and/or asking everyone to come to my shows.  I can’t say I miss all of that.

-I still think about music, writing, and creating–projects I’d like to finish, goals I’d like to achieve.  But it’s just so hard, as a mom, to feel pulled in so many directions.  Right now I am happy to not be striving toward those goals.  I don’t really understand how or if these things work out…ultimately I think that, if it’s meant to be, all of these other loves will find a place in my life again at some point.

-I just finished my first season with the Austin Women’s Basketball League.  I had a great coach and team and won “Most Improved Player” for my division!

-I am working with my husband, managing his psychiatry practice.  As far as day jobs go, it is great–I have a lot of passion for a) helping people to access affordable and high quality mental health care, and b) creating a great workplace.  For NOW, this is where I am investing my badass organizational, financial and strategic talents.

-Parenting my kids is still my greatest, all-consuming passion.  They are awesome!

-I still live with enough hope to spread around to those around me.  I still care about making the world a better place.

(This page was based on NowNowNow.)


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