“Stand back, open your ears, and really listen to this woman. Her solo album, Purple Room, demands it from every angle…12 tracks of unforgettable original music.”


“Tricia Mitchell’s songs feel familiar in their soft country-folk settings (“Lilly’s Verses,” “For This”), but they bear a lyrical sharpness at once clever and provocative (“Bobby Joe Plays Violin”) and even laugh-out-loud witty (“Girlfriend of the Band”). One of Mitchell’s literary tricks is a flat resolution in her storytelling: “Twenty Years to Life” spins the tale of an abused woman who kills her husband and yet mourns his death. Mitchell also fires off fine rock (“Crybaby,” “Valerie”) and Texas-flavored twang (“Never Say ‘I Do’”).       2 ½ stars (out of four)

–Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle

My debut CD Purple Room offers 12 original tracks that span a depth and breadth of emotions, from the bold opening track, “For This;” to the light-hearted honky tonker “Never Say I Do,” about a confirmed bachelorette; to “Twenty Years to Life,” a somber ballad narrated by a victim of domestic violence who is imprisoned for murdering her husband. Check out the Reviews page to hear the nice things folks have said about Purple Room. Better, yet, go check it out for yourself!

I have been influenced musically by artists like Elvis Costello, Ron Sexsmith, Bruce Springsteen, and Lucinda Williams; FM radio; musical theater and film, especially the Sherman Brothers; and the bajillion bands I heard (and danced to) in my formative years in Woodstock, NY and Austin, TX. I strive for simple structure and catchy melodies, with lyrics that depict the strength in being and remaining emotionally vulnerable.



Valerie is about my friend, the late Valerie Bullitt, who was awesome and will always be fondly remembered.
Never Say ‘I Do’  I got the idea for this song when I was at an Emmylou Harris concert. Maybe she’ll record it someday! You know all of those songs about guys who can’t be tied down, like “Free Bird” or “Ramblin’ Man?” I wanted to write one from a woman’s perspective. Another Monte Warden co-write.
Bobby Joe Plays Violin  The idea for this song, about one man’s solitary breakdown, came to me late one night as I was driving with the windows rolled down, listening to Bob Dylan.

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